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Lenox Instrument Company has been serving our client for over 90 years
Lenox History

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History Of Lenox Instrument Company
1980 - Present

In 1982 Lenox introduces the first borescope designed exclusively for the inspection of auto and small aircraft engines, and has sold thousands of kits to auto and aircraft service facilities.

Lenox Autoscope Kit Lenox Autoscope inspecting a Lycoming aircraft engine.
Lenox Autoscope Kit Lenox Autoscope inspecting a Lycoming aircraft engine.

1988 saw Lenox develop the first furnace observation periscope with a "Light Volume Control", a reliable motor iris system that eliminates bloom in the video image when looking directly at flames in burners, which may reach an internal temperature of 3,200 degrees F.

Lenox FireSight with optional retract system As view through a Lenox Firesight
Lenox FireSight with optional retract system. As view through a Lenox Firesight.

1989, Lenox receives the largest military contract for borescopes. The scopes will be used to inspect turbines on C-130 Hercules, P3 aircraft and other U.S. NAVY planes. Working with the NAVY once again, in 1996, Lenox develops scopes for real time monitoring of shipboard boilers thus allowing for fuel conservation and a safer environment by avoiding boiler explosions.

Lenox purchases the John Pultz Co. in 1998, a specialist in high-temp video systems. Units are installed worldwide, primarily in the steel industry.

Lenox/Pultz High Temp. Stainless steel housing Lenox/Pultz High Temp. Aluminum housing
Lenox/Pultz High Temp. Stainless steel housing. Lenox/Pultz High Temp. Aluminum housing.

Lenox instruments are in use every day! In the power generation field for inspecting steam turbines, heat exchangers, tubing, and pressure vessels. They are employed in the aviation field, ensuring that the engines of jumbo jets have not developed any defects, checking the quality of helicopter blades or rotor shafts. Our scopes peer into modern nuclear reactors, they inspect the tubing in oil refineries, pharmaceutical plants, and chemical facilities. Lenox scopes increase safety, productivity and quality through their many applications. Lenox has, or will develop a product for your special needs!


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