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Lenox Instruments Borescopes
Lenox Instruments Borescopes
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High-Temperature Camera Systems

Lenox Instrument high-temperature camera systems provide clear, crisp images of the combustion process in boilers, furnaces, kilns, incinerators and other combustion chambers. With the real-time image provided, operators can monitor the proper flow of fuel and raw materials, reduce emissions, reduce fuel consumption, speed up boiler light off, and improve safety.

Lenox furnace viewing camera systems provide effective and safe visual inspection for diagnosing and solving problems with burners on process heaters/furnaces found in the hydrocarbon and petrochemical industries. Once problems such as flame impingement on tubes, flashback, irregular flame patterns, smoky flames, flame instability, and oil spillage are determined, Lenox high temperature remote viewing systems can be used to observe the effects of corrective adjustments made to parameters controlling the combustion process to ensure proper operating conditions.

Lenox offers IP, networkable models that provide maximum flexibility and connectivity for viewing and recording real-time color video images via a standard web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator or by integration into other video management systems.

Lenox high-temperature camera systems are performing reliably in hundreds of power, steel, paper, glass, refinery and trash-to-steam installations. These systems are supported 24/7 and are backed by a two-year warranty.

Lenox Instrument Company recognizes the expense and hardship that original equipment manufactures and end-users face when other makers of high temperature camera systems go out of business or obsolete their product lines. If you need to source a new or replacement product there's a very good chance that Lenox can supply a camera to meet your requirements.


Lenox Power Plant Customer spacer FireSight Unit spacer Lenox FireSight with Auto Retract
Lenox Power Plant Customer spacer FireSight Unit spacer Lenox FireSight with Auto Retract

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