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Lenox Instrument Company has been serving our client for over 90 years
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Tin Bath Periscope System

A durable and rugged, high-temperature remote viewing video camera system designed specifically for the float glass process

Backed by over eighty years of experience, the Lenox Tin Bath Periscope System is designed to provide real time, high-resolution images in the tin bath environment. A specially designed and proven water-jacketed lens assembly enables operation in this hostile environment.

Join float glass manufacturers like AFG, Cardinal, Pilkington, and PPG that are using the Lenox Tin Bath Periscope System to monitor and record the amount of trim being produced, wheel depth and tracking, and the functioning of the automated drive system (top knurl wheels) - helping to reduce scrap by insuring ribbon integrity and improving overall process efficiency.

Standard System includes:
Lens system and water jacket
2.5” O.D. by 10’- 6” working length & right angle direction of view
30-degree field of view
point Installed temperature sensor to monitor temperature at the lens objective
point High flow water shroud with mounting flange and nitrogen purge
Camera Housing
point Rugged protective enclosure provides interface with water jacket
point Camera mounting assembly with slide plate for focusing
point Video, electrical and temperature sensor output connections
CCD black & white camera
point · 570- line horizontal resolution for maximum contrast and resolution



Optional System includes:
Monorail insertion / retraction assembly
Manually operated – wall mountable with ceiling supports
CCD color camera with 480-line horizontal resolution
Black & white and color 12”, 17” and 20” monitors
CCD black & white camera
Video / Digital image recording to capture and store images for documentation





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