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Lenox Instrument Company has been serving our client for over 90 years
Lenox Borescope Products

Corporate Overview

by solving their most challenging, and often hostile, remote image acquisition.

LENOX INSTRUMENT COMPANY’S founder, Dr. George Crampton, a renowned ophthalmologist, created the first industrial borescope to inspect for flaws inside steam turbines. During the 1930s, he supplied borescopes for inspecting hard to reach and often dark locations.

In the early ’40s, Dr. Crampton joined with John Lang as they began designing and manufacturing borescopes and periscopes for the war effort. This included a new use for the borescope, inspection of gun barrels to identify flaws and wear. In 1942, Lenox began producing a borescope for the first nuclear application, The Manhattan Project. This new instrument was used to inspect tubes near the radioactive pile. It allowed the operator to inspect and photograph the interior of the tube remotely.

In the early 1950s, Lenox initiated their production of OEM Boiler Cameras. Also during the ’50s, Lenox designed and manufactured borescopes to detect flaws in the wings of the largest U.S. bomber fleet at the time, the B-47. Throughout the 1960s and into the ’80s, Lenox developed the custom Xenon Chamberscope for Pratt & Whitney to inspect the turbine blades of the JT9 engine, which insured the turbines were performing reliably.

During the 1980s, Lenox introduced the Autoscope, the first economical, small-scale, rigid borescope esigned for automobile and small airplane engine inspections. In 1988, Lenox introduced the FireSight, the world’s first boiler camera with a remotely-controlled iris, which eliminates blooming on the video monitors.

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Lenox Borescope Products
Over the course of our history, Lenox has earned a reputation for innovation in the development of industrial
borescope technology that meets the most demanding requirements and for our ability to provide the highest quality optical images that technology will allow. Lenox borescopes are high-quality Remote Visual nspection (RVI) instruments designed to view internal or difficult-to-reach places, where your eye cannot go, without aving to destroy, disassemble or tear apart what you are inspecting. They are selfilluminating and deliver a brightly lit, magnified, high-resolution image of the inspected area to the eyepiece or color display/monitor.
Affordable, easy-to-use, high-resolution, remote imaging systems featuring 4-way tip articulation and a control/display handpiece with a 6.4” LCD display and digital image capture and transfer to computer.
Steerable 2 or 4-way tip articulation that allows maximum flexibility, while ensuring bright, clear viewing of a full range of views. All scopes are sealed and waterproof.
Rigid Borescopes
Quality, high-performance products of all metal construction with computer- designed optical systems, which produce an abundance of near- 100%-white light and the highest possible resolution.
Micro Borescope
Flexible and semi-rigid miniature borescopes, available with diameters as small as 0.5mm (.020”).
Sectional Extendable Borescopes
Units are modular in design and allow the user to add extender sections to provide very long working lengths with exceptional image resolution.
Custom Assemblies
Custom solutions for demanding applications involving temperature extremes, corrosive environments, explosive or flammable atmospheres and radiation exposure.
Borescope Accessories
Light sources, including high-intensity, portable, explosion-proof and ultraviolet; light cables; still and video camera systems; digital recording devices; environmental protection, including protective shrouds and adiation- hardened lenses.


High-Temperature Camera Systems
Lenox FireSight high-temperature, remote viewing, boiler and furnace camera systems provide clear, crisp, real-time images of combustion and other internal processes in boilers, furnaces, kilns, incinerators and a variety of hot area monitoring applications. Portable and fixed, air and water-cooled FireSight systems are available for service in high-temperature, hostile environments up to 4250°F (2345°C).

Lenox high-temperature camera systems perform reliably in hundreds of power, steel, glass, paper, cement, refinery, petrochemical and trash-to-steam installations. These systems are supported 24/7 and are backed by an industry leading two-year warranty.

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