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Lenox Instrument Company has been serving our client for over 90 years

Lenox Instrument is a Fiberscope (Flexible Borescopes) Manufacturing Company with Flexible Solutions

Borescopes were introduced in the early twentieth century and borescope manufacturers have since developed a wide variety of specialized borescopes to suit different industrial applications. Rigid and extendable units are highly useful for many types of spot inspections, and Lenox Instrument has provided even more options for industry, with fiberscope technology, or flexible borescopes, that can wind around tight corners or bends in cramped and otherwise inaccessible spaces. Fiberscopes for pipe inspection provide state-of-the-art tools for the effective monitoring of critical systems and ensure reliable quality control for industrial plants nationwide.

All fiberscope technology is waterproof, and housed in a rugged, stainless steel sheath. All units are video and digital adaptable, using the highest resolution fiber optic technology, with virtually zero distortion. A steerable head with a 2 or 4-way articulated tip increases maneuverability and allows for effective navigation around corners, through pipe bends, and past blockages, while ensuring bright, clear viewing of the full range of views inside the inspected piece. The objective lens is placed at the distal tip for problem-free focusing, and diameters from 3.5 mm to 10 mm. Lengths vary from 24 in. to 240 in. A large variety of light sources are available to suit different illumination requirements.

Lenox Instrument has been serving the borescope community since 1920 with high quality inspection solutions tailored to the needs of each specific application. Whether you need a rigid borescope of a fixed length, extendable options, or fiberscope technology for more complex and lengthy inspection routes, Lenox Instrument is a fiberscope (flexible borescopes) manufacturing company that is prepared to work with you to provide an off-the-shelf unit or to create customized fiberscope technology to meet more exacting industrial specifications. Review our line of innovative products or consult with Lenox Instrument directly to acquire the best inspection tools for your valued processes and equipment.

Military C-130 Engine Inspection space Pipe Corrosion Seen with Fiberscope space Cracked Blade
Military C-130 Engine
space Pipe Corrosion Seen
with Fiberscope
space Cracked Blade

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