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Lenox Instrument Company has been serving our client for over 90 years
Lenox Firesight Products

FireSight High-Tempurature Remote Viewing Systems

The high-reliability system that permits color video monitoring of combustion and process control in boilers, furnaces, kilns, and incinerators.

For Monitoring Your Boiler or Furnace, Seeing Is Believing.
Only by seeing directly into the inside of your boiler, furnace, kiln or incinerator, can you:

  • Instantly see burner malfunction
  • Watch for proper process flow and accurate conveyance of materials
  • Help reduce pollution
  • Save time, mon-hours and fuel during start-up
  • Monitor the efficiency of your unit
  • See at any time your boiler's or furnace's overall status

Nothing beats direct visual inspection of your burner, furnace, kiln or incinerator. That's why hundreds of power and steam plants, steel and paper mills, kilns, incinerators and other high-tempurature facilities use the Lenox FireSight Remote Viewing System to monitor their fuel combustion.

Specially designed for high-temperature environments - and backed by a company with three-quarters of a century experience - Lenox FireSight views the inside of your furnace or boiler and displays what it sees in real time on a color monitor 24 hours a day 365 days a year! The system uses proven continuous-duty components so we back up FireSight with a two-year warranty!

Lenox manufactures the FireSight in America. We even grind and polish the lenses in our own optical shop. Lenox invented the periscope viewing device and Lenox has been fabricating components for furnace and boiler monitoring equipment vendors for over 40 years! The Lenox FireSight is used in numerous research projects and Electrical Power Research Institute installations. We can service your existing monitoring equipment or we can upgrade you to the FireSight System!

Clarity and Reliability
Your viewing system must do two things:

Provide a clear and unmistakable view and provide that view hour after hour, day after day, year after year.
Only FireSight combines field-proven design and reliability with the latest technology to create the most advanced viewing system available today!

Proven FireSight Remote High-Temperature Viewing System Provides Image Clarity Never Before Available in Boiler Combustion Monitoring

  • Already being used successfully in hundreds of power, steel, paper, glass and trash-to-steam plants, including EPRI installations
  • Allows remote viewing for proper process flow, accurate conveyance of materials and overall process status
  • Lets you evaluate low NOx burners and burner performace
  • Greatly reduces boiler downtime
  • Improves safety by virtually eliminating risk of explosions
  • Speeds light-off by cutting ignition man-hours
  • Proven hight-temperature lens and cooling system withstand temperatures of 3,500°F

For Total Support... From Design to Service... Call on Lenox
Whether you need parts or service, retrofit or upgrade, or complete system designm you can rely on Lenox. Your FireSight representative is an experience problem solver capable of meeting your particular needs. Backed by our design and engineering staff, your FireSight representative can:

  • Show you how to improve your system with state-of-the-art components
  • Replace your equipment with a low-maintenance, high-resolution, solid-state, color system
  • Design a new system to meet your precise needs

We'll help you install FireSight, or we'll provide a complete turnkey system, from design to installation supervision. You Lenox FireSight System comes with full documentation, including a complete operating and service manual. And since Lenox designed and manufacturers FireSight, we back it up with a two-year warranty!

The Light Volume Control on the FireSight is its key benefit. The Light Volume Control permits the operator to adjust via remote control the amount of light that is available in the boiler or furnace, insuring that you see what you need to see. A range of viewing angles and directions of view enables us to configure your FireSight System to maximize you view of the combustion process.

  • If you are anot satisfied with your viewing equipment, move up to the best: The Lenox FireSight!
  • If you do nt have a viewing device got your furnace, boiler, kiln or incinerator, make sure that your first system is your last: The Lenox FireSight!

Wall Box (1)
The main mounting medium for the complete system, that wall box provides a protective housing and is the primary coolant shroud.

Furnace Lens (2)
Ranging from 12 inches to 12 feet long, the furnace lens is an air-cooled periscope that penetrates the boiler or furnace wall using an existing opening. it operates in temperatures up to 3,500°F and it is the single most important component of FireSight. A variety of directions and fields of view are available.

High-Temperature, Air-Cooled CCTV Housing (3)
This unit cools the compressed air and constantly changes the air in the cavity. The housing has quick-disconnect latches for easy servicing.

Light Volume Control (4)
This unique feature consusts of a remote-controlled motorized iris and spot filter located in the furnace lens. The Light Volume Control permits the operator to easily adjust the amount of light coming to the camera, insuring a high-quality picture from light-off to maximum output.

Compact CCD Camera (5)
he closed-circuit television camera supplied with FireSight is an industrial surveillance camera designed for dependability and long life. While most installations use a color camera, black and white is available.

View Monitor (6)
Most installations utilize a colr monitor, but black and white is available, and the monitor is available in several sizes.

High Efficiency Compressed Air Filter (7)
By removing oil, water and particles, this unit supplies clean air to the frnace lens, insuring trouble-free performance and a clear view of the combustion. It uses a self-purging particulate and coalesser filter and a pressure differential indicator and an alarm lets the operator know when its elements need to be changed.

A Portable Diagnostic FireSight System is Now Available
A new, hand-held FireSight System enables you to use one unit for diagnostics, monitoring several individual boiler or furnace functions at any level using any opening! A complete system - incluing the air filtration system and monitor - on a hand truck it includes all the components of a stationary FireSight installation, but this affordable unit has many applications:

  • Search for steam leaks
  • Study soot blower performance
  • Look for clinkers or slag build-up
  • Diagnostics - See burner malfunction
  • Create video documentation

Originally designed as a demonstration unit, the portable FireSight System has become popular with boiler testing services, boiler and furnace manufacturers, performance engineers and pollution-control inspectors. This portable unit is ideal for field inspection of boilers, furnaces, kilns or incinerators.

Call us at 1-800-356-1104. We'll demonstrate FireSight at your facility. We'll even make you videotape of the inside of your boiler, furnace, kiln or incinerator. Then we'll price out a FireSight System configured to your particular needs, with rental, leasing or purchase options!


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