Biomass Camera System for Real-Time Monitoring and Optimization of Biomass Combustion in a Boiler, Furnace or Incinerator

Trevose, PA – Lenox Instrument Company’s new air-cooled, high-temperature FireSight Biomass Camera System provides real-time monitoring of the combustion process inside of boilers, furnaces and incinerators burning renewable biomass fuels and other traditional and non-traditional fuels, such as municipal wastes, agricultural wastes and cattle manure.

Viewing the high-resolution, color images from the plant’s control room, operators can monitor the conveyance of materials to avoid problematic situations that can put equipment or personnel at risk; monitor the fire line position and burn cycle to help achieve maximum burnout of the waste; reduce shut downs and maintenance costs by identifying slag and ash build-up on boiler tube walls; help prevent hot spots / overheat situations close to boiler walls or refractory; inspect for ash build-up or bridging across the ash hopper.

Designed to be installed through the wall of the furnace, the Biomass Camera’s low consumption, compressed air-cooling system and Wall Box Mounting Assembly that serves as a protective housing and primary coolant shroud enables the system to survive in environments up to 3000°F (1649ºC).

A light volume control feature allows the operator from the control room to easily adjust the amount of light transmitted to the camera, eliminating bloom and ensuring high image clarity.

FireSight Biomass Cameras can be supplied with a wide variety of viewing angles and fields of view, to match specific application requirements. Optional accessories include an automatic retract system that automatically pulls the Biomass Camera back from inside the boiler should a loss of cooling occur, preventing possible over-temperature damage to the camera lens assembly and a high efficiency compressed air filter system for removing oil, water and particulates providing clean air to the system insuring trouble-free performance and clear viewing. The air filter system uses a self–purging coalescing filter and a pressure differential switch, which may be wired to an alarm, letting the operator know when its time to change the filter elements. High-resolution LCD monitors and a digital video recorder are also available.

Each Lenox FireSight Biomass Imaging System is designed, manufactured in the U.S.A. and serviced in-house by Lenox Instrument, and is backed by an industry-leading two-year warranty.