Swing Prism Adjustable Borescope From Lenox Instrument Scans Through 120 Included Arc

Trevose, PA -- Lenox Instrument Company has introduced its new Swing Prism Adjustable Borescope, featuring a unique rotating lens that offers a 50-degree field of view that scans through a both a 120-degree included arc and a full 360-degree orbital scan. A special control handle allows the user to adjust the prism on the front of the scope to inspect right angle, forward oblique or retrospective viewing angles.

The Swing Prism Adjustable Borescope is well-suited for internal inspection of aircraft engines, combustion chambers, pumps, pipelines, tubing, and a host of other factory or field inspections. It is ideal for use where different viewing angles may be required, eliminating the need to buy multiple borescopes for multiple inspection options.

The Swing Prism’s scope is available in two outer diameters: 6 mm (.240”) and 8 mm (.312”) and in working lengths from 28.69 cm (11.40”) to 65.18 cm (25.66”). It features crystal clear optics, precision-machined at Lenox, for a bright, sharp image. Objects being inspected can be viewed through the standard eyepiece or through an optional video monitor. Also available is a high-intensity fiber optic light source. The waterproof Swing Prism Adjustable Borescope can be easily transported in a compact instrument case, included.

The Lenox Swing Prism Adjustable Borescope is priced at hundreds less than competitive units (starting at $2,785) and features a 1-year warranty.

For more information on the Swing Prism Adjustable Borescope, please contact Lenox Instrument Company, Inc., 265 Andrews Road, Trevose, PA 19053-3427 USA; Tel: 1-800-356-1104.