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Explosion-Proof Camera System for Viewing The Inside of a Hazardous Area Process/Fired Heater Furnace

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Trevose, PA – Lenox Instrument Company introduces a new FireSight® Explosion-Proof Camera System that provides real time, high-resolution, color video monitoring and digital recording capabilities of the inside of hazardous area process/fired heaters found in gas plants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

By viewing directly inside the furnace, operators can optimize fuel/air ratios by safely monitoring 24/7, burner performance and identifying potential problems such as such as burner light-off failure, flame lift-off, flame impingement on tubes, tube displacement, tube leaks, irregular flame patterns, smoky flames, and flame instability.

A specially designed corrosion resistant and weatherproof camera enclosure is capable of containing an explosion from the inside of the enclosure and preventing sparks within the enclosure from igniting vapors and gases in the environment surrounding it. These Ex-Proof Cameras are approved for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D, T4 and equivalent ATEX and IECEx ratings.

Lenox air-cooled, Hazardous Area Camera Systems are capable of operating trouble-free in temperatures up to 3,000 ºF (1,649 ºC), and are available with a 24-inch or 36-inch long air-cooled lens assembly, in either direct or right-angle view configuration, and a choice of analog or Ethernet/IP camera output.

Each Explosion-Proof Camera System is designed, manufactured and serviced in-house by Lenox Instrument Company, and is backed by an industry-leading two-year warranty.





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