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Portable, Water-Cooled, FireSight® Diagnostic System Allows Real-Time, Video Inspection of High-Temperature Processes

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Trevose, PA - Lenox Instrument Company's new water-cooled, FireSight® Diagnostic System is the easiest and most economical means to view and record real-time color video images of combustion and other high-temperature processes in furnaces, kilns and incinerators. With this boiler camera, furnace camera, mobile system, operators can use one unit for diagnostics, testing, monitoring and recording of several individual furnace functions, operating at any level, and using any available 2-1/8 inch (54.0 mm) opening.

The water-cooled, FireSight® Diagnostic System is entirely self-contained, consisting of an air purge filtration and power system and 8-inch CCD color monitor packaged in a durable case with telescoping handle and wheels. The system's water-cooled FireSight® furnace lens assembly comes in standard lengths of 24-inch or 36-inch with special lengths available up to 120 inches, in either direct or right-angle view configurations and is capable of operating trouble-free in temperatures up to 3,800°F (2,093°C). An optional mini-digital video recorder for documentation is also available.

FireSight® Diagnostic Systems provide the highest color image clarity in the industry. The system's light volume control, a Lenox exclusive, allows the operator to easily adjust the amount of light transmitted to the camera, eliminating the bloom common with other systems and ensuring a high-resolution, color image from initial light off to maximum load. The system also features quartz optics that withstand temperatures up to 1,200°F (649°C) higher than the glass lenses used in other systems.

The water-cooled, FireSight® Diagnostic System can be used by steel and glass furnace testing and repair services, furnace manufacturers, performance and research engineers, pollution control inspectors, and maintenance personnel to evaluate burner flame intensity and patterns, determine slag and ash build-up, monitor furnace refractory condition and inspect other difficult to access portions of the furnace. The versatile system can also be used to observe the effects of corrective repairs or adjustment made to the process to ensure proper operating conditions.

Each water-cooled, FireSight® Diagnostic System is designed, manufactured and serviced in-house by Lenox Instrument Company, and is backed by a two-year warranty.



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