FireSight High-Temperature Remote Viewing Systems From Lenox Instrument Co. Provide Lowest Cost Method To Speed Boiler Light-Off And Reduce Nox Emissions

Trevose, PA -- Lenox Instrument Company’s FireSight® High-Temperature Remote Viewing System is the easiest and most economical means to speed light off and reduce NOx emissions by permitting color video monitoring of combustion and process control in boilers, furnaces, kilns and incinerators.

Capable of operating trouble-free in temperatures up to 3,500° F (air-cooled model) or 4,000° F (water-cooled), the FireSight system is ideal for use in power plants, steel mills, paper mills, glass plants, cement kilns, and incinerators. FireSight systems are used to speed light off, evaluate flame quality, determine status of igniters, and view flame impingement, NOx emissions and smoke. In power generation applications, for example, using FireSight® systems typically reduces fuel consumption by as much as 2% and pollution by as much as 20%.

FireSight® systems provide the highest image clarity in the industry. The Light Volume Control feature, a Lenox exclusive, allows the operator to easily adjust the amount of light transmitted to the camera, eliminating the flaring common with other systems and ensuring a high-quality image from initial light off to maximum load. The system also features quartz optics that withstand temperatures up to 1,200° F higher than the glass lenses used in other systems.

The furnace lens is an air-cooled periscope, ranging from 12 in. to 12 ft. in length. (The lens relies on a modest amount of plant air for cooling.) Furnace lenses can be supplied with a wide variety of directions and fields of view to match the specific application requirements.

The FireSight® viewing system requires a boiler wall penetration of only 2-3/8 in. With its small size, the system will normally fit in existing openings in boiler tubes and wall penetrations. The system’s wall box supplies a protective housing and mounting for the camera and serves as the primary coolant shroud. The FireSight’s compact CCD camera is an industrial surveillance camera designed for reliability and long life. The monitor is normally mounted in the control room providing the operator with a continuous, real-time image of the combustion chamber.

Each FireSight® system is designed, manufactured and serviced in-house by Lenox Instrument, and is backed by a two-year warranty.