Cordless LED Borescope Light Source Kit From Lenox Instrument Provides Portable Illumination For Visual Inspections

Trevose, PA -- Lenox Instrument Company, the manufacturer of the original borescope, today, announced the offering of the new 3000LS-3.5LED portable L.E.D. light source that is adaptable to most fiber optic illuminated borescope, fiberscope, and videoscope models.

"This new borescope light source kit is the brightest portable light Lenox has ever produced," said Paul Lang, vice president at Lenox Instrument Company. "We set out to manufacture a portable light source that could deliver convenience, durability, and an abundance of light."

More convenient than bulky gel cell packs used with standard borescope light sources, the new unit operates on three C-cell batteries, making the light source portable. With low battery consumption, the unit will operate for 24 hours before new alkaline or rechargeable batteries are needed. The unit itself never needs to be recharged and has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours.

"The new unit packs in state of the art L.E.D. technology and is built to the highest standards," said Lang.

Illumination is delivered by the brilliant white, 5,000 to 6,000 degree Kelvin, L.E.D. light that produces up to 110,000 lux at the input to the light guide. The unit is durable, offering shock and impact-resistant protection, yet remains a lightweight 1.4 lbs. even with batteries installed into the 11 inch handle.

Ideal for even the darkest inspection areas, Lenox borescopes and L.E.D. borescope light sources are used for inspecting for corrosion, leaks, cracks, stress, wear, blockages, deposits, and debris, and are recommended for inspecting turbine, gas or diesel engines, combustion chambers, pumps and valves, pipelines, tubing, castings, and machined parts.

Each Lenox 3000LS-3.5LED portable L.E.D. light source kit includes a light source, battery handle with belt holster, extension cord, adapter to fit most borescope and fiberscope models, three C-cell batteries, and a convenient storage case.

Lenox portable L.E.D borescope light sources are in stock and available for quick delivery. Lenox Instrument Company personnel are available to assist in choosing the proper borescope and accessories for any application. For more information or to place an order for the new 3000LS-3.5LED portable light source kit, visit or call Lenox at 1-800-356-1104.

Lenox Instrument Company has been providing visual inspection instruments to the defense, power generation, and manufacturing industries since 1921. Offering a full line of visual NDT borescopes, endoscopes, and light sources, Lenox products are renowned for their rugged and innovative style. From the 1921 invention of the first industrial borescope, to the first borescope used at a nuclear site, to the internal inspection of today's jet engines, or the internal viewing of a furnace, Lenox Instrument Company has always offered the highest quality and broadest range of remote vision instruments to satisfy our customer's most stringent needs.