Lenox Instrument Swing Prism Borescope Offers Full 360 Degree Orbital Viewing

Trevose, PA -- Lenox Instrument Company, the manufacturer of the original borescope, today, announced the offering of a new 360 degree orbital borescope that combines three viewing angles into one and an available 2X zoom eyepiece for magnified inspection. This new design provides the functionality of two or three conventional borescopes into one convenient package.

"The new Lenox 360 Degree Swing Prism Borescope combines right angle, forward oblique, and retrospective viewing angles into one tool," said Paul Lang, vice president at Lenox Instrument Company. "Our borescope is designed to provide cost savings and convenience for clients who perform factory or field inspections where, in the past, multiple scopes may have been required to carry out inspections that called for various viewing angles."

Lenox is currently offering the swing prism borescope in seven different models, each offering a 120 degree viewing arc, diameters ranging from 6mm to 8mm, and working lengths of 290mm to 910mm. Most Lenox swing prism borescope models are adaptable to optional digital camera or video systems.

"When using more than one borescope during inspection, the user cannot be certain that the entire area has been inspected," said Lang. "By sweeping the entire area with the Lenox swing prism borescope, the user can be sure to see everything in the inspection area."

A simple control on the borescope eyepiece lets the user adjust the viewing angle of the prism located on the front of the scope without withdrawing the borescope from the subject undergoing inspection. In addition, the new Lenox swing prism borescope will accommodate openings as small as 6.0mm (.236 inch).

Ideal for inspecting for corrosion, leaks, cracks, stress, wear, blockages, deposits, and debris, the Lenox swing prism borescope is recommended for inspecting turbine, gas or diesel engines, combustion chambers, pumps and valves, pipelines, tubing, castings, and machined parts.

"Currently, we have clients who depend on our swing prism borescope to perform inspections on Caterpillar® diesel engines, and GE, Siemans, and Rolls Royce turbine engines," said Lang. "Those clients and others in the aerospace and power generation industries rely on the accuracy and dependability Lenox products provide to ensure their equipment operates efficiently."

Lenox swing prism borescopes are in stock and available for quick delivery. Lenox Instrument Company personnel are available to assist in choosing the proper borescope for any application. For more information contact Lenox Instrument Company or place an order for the new swing prism borescope.