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Lenox Instrument Company has been serving our client for over 90 years
Firesight Products

Portable FireSight Furnace Camera Diagnostic Systems

For color video monitoring of combustion and process control
in boilers, furnaces, kilns and incinerators

Only by seeing directly into the inside of your waste to energy furnace or incinerator, are you able to:

Instantly view burner malfunction, flame impingement, fire ball centering problems, tube leaks and other problems
Reduce shut downs and maintenance costs by identifying NOx, CO and O2 imbalance, high unburned carbon (LOI), eyebrows, slag, clinker and ash build-up
Optimize the efficiency and safety of your unit by viewing and adjusting fuel and air flow in the burning zone.
Save time, man-hours and fuel during start-up
dot Watch for proper process flow and accurate conveyance of materials





The Lenox hand-held FireSight Diagnostic System enables you to use one unit for diagnostics, testing, monitoring, and digital recording of several individual boiler or furnace functions operating at any level and sing any available opening. A complete system consists of the air filtration and power systems and monitor, packaged in a durable case with telescoping handle and wheels, and includes all the components of a fixed FireSight installation. The portable FireSight System has become popular with boiler testing services, boiler and furnace manufacturers, performance and research and development engineers and pollution-control inspectors.

The Lenox FireSight Diagnostic System is designed specifically for high-temperature environments up to 3000°F (1649ºC ) and provides the highest image clarity in the industry. The Light Volume Control feature, a Lenox exclusive, consists of a remote-controlled motorized iris and spot filter located in the furnace lens. With the Light Volume Control, an operator can easily adjust the amount of light transmitted to the high temperature camera, eliminating the flaring / blooming common with other systems and ensuring a high-quality image from initial light off to maximum load. The system features quartz optics, another Lenox exclusive, that withstands temperatures up to 1200ºF (649ºC) higher than the glass lens used in other
systems. The compressed air- cooling system provides reliable performance while using considerably less air than competing systems. (For fixed systems see FireSight High-Temperature Remote Viewing Systems brochure).

FireSight Furnace Camera Diagnostic Systems Include:
Wheeled Case – includes 8” monitor , air filter assembly and power systems.
Air-cooled FireSight Furnace Lens Assembly (specify 24” or 36” – direct or right angle viewing)
Portable CCTV Camera Housing Assembly.
High-resolution CCD Color Camera Assembly
dot Light Volume Control – consists of a remote-controlled motorized iris and spot filter located in the furnace lens-an exclusive to Lenox



Stock Number Furnace Lens Length Viewing Direction FOV
  mm inches    
6515FDC-102 610 24" Direct 90º
6515FDC-402 610 24" Right Angle 55º
6515FDC-103 914 36" Direct 90º
6515FDC-403 914 36" Right Angle 55º
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Additional Diagnostic System FireSight Furnace Lens Assemblies

Stock Number Furnace Lens Length Viewing Direction FOV
  mm inches    
6515DC-102 610 24" Direct 90º
6515DC-402 610 24" Right Angle 55º
6515DC-103 914 36" Direct 90º
6515DC-403 914 36" Right Angle 55º

FireSight Diagnostic System Options & Accessories
Stock Number  Description
6515S-MP4  Digital Video Recorder / Player

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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