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Lenox Instrument Company

Borescope, Fiberscope or Videoscope Products

When you purchase Lenox Borescope, Fiberscope or Videoscope products, you are assured of the highest quality remote visual inspection (RVI) tools. Lenox FireSight High Temp Furnace / Boiler Cameras provide a direct view of your burner, furnace, boiler, kiln or incinerator which helps improve combustion performance, reduce NOx, flame impingement and speeds up boiler start-up and diagnostics.

Visual Inspection Equipment
For over 80 years, Lenox Instrument Conpany, an American Innovator in visual inspection instruments, has been serving defense, power generation, and manufacturers by solving their most challenging, and often, hostile remote image acquisition.

Mission Statement
From the 1921 invention of the first industrial borescope, to the first borescope used at a nuclear site, to the internal inspection of today's jet engines, or the internal viewing of a furnace, Lenox Instrument Company has always offered the highest quality and broadest range of remote vision instruments to satisfy our customer's most stringent needs.

Corporate Brochure

Borescope Manufacturer
Lenox Instrument has been a U.S. manufacturer of borescopes since 1920. We are one of the few, if not the only, manufacturer with our own in-house lens grinding and lens production facility.

Lenox Videoscope Technology
Lenox videoscope technology lets you enter openings as small as 5 mm, go in up to 540 in., enjoy a bending radius of 100 mm and view the image with resolution of 450 lines horizontal.

Fiberscopes - Flexible Borescopes
Lenox fiberscopes have solved some of the world's toughest inspection problems, in some of the most inaccessible and inhospitable places.

Rigid Borescopes
Lenox has developed what may be the world's most extensive lines of quality, high performance rigid borescopes. To achieve consistently superior performance, we employ computer-designed optics, stainless steel or aluminum construction, sophisticated in-house lens grinding techniques and highest efficiency coatings throughout the optical path.

Micro Borescopes
Micro borescopes are miniature borescopes are available with diameters as small as 0.5 mm. They deliver a clear, bright image from inside hypodermic needle tubing, through tiny vent holes in turbine blades and within miniature electronic assemblies.

Sectional Extendable Borescopes
Sectional extendable borescopes are used to inspect tubing, drill pipe, vessels and chambers, chemical reactors, hydraulic cylinders, heat exchangers, aircraft landing gear, radioactive equipment, power generation equipment, process lines, vats, rocket casings, foundations of dams and structures, helicopters, tank cars and much more.

Custom Borescope Assemblies
Since 1915, Lenox Instrument has been on the leading edge of borescope technology. During this time, we have created custom solutions for demanding applications involving temperature extremes, corrosive environments, explosive or flammable atmospheres and radiation exposure. \

Borescope Accessories
Lenox borescope accessories include high intensity, portable, explosion-proof and Ultraviolet. Light cables, Camera systems and adapters for both still and video images,
Environmental protection including protective shrouds and radiation hardened lenses,

Borescopes for Aviation Industry
The Aviation and Aerospace industry have both benefited from the use of borescopes to diagnose problems in engines, landing gear and fuselage areas.

Borescopes for Automotive Industry
Lenox serves the automotive industry from the inspection of the finish product, to facility maintenance and of course at the dealer service shop.

Plant Maintenance Borescopes
In the field of Plant Maintenance, borescopes have been utilized to determine wear conditions, leaks, cracks, corrosion and other situations that affect the operation of manufacturing plants.

Engine Inspection Borescopes
Engine Inspection is a very typical and practical borescope application.Lenox products inspect every type of engine from a motorcycle to the jet engines of a 747.

Manufacturing Borescopes
Lenox provides manufactures a wealth of inspection applications.

Borescope Brochures

Press Releases

New 3000LS-3.5LED portable L.E.D. light source
Lenox Instrument Company, the manufacturer of the original borescope, today, announced the offering of the new 3000LS-3.5LED portable L.E.D. light source that is adaptable to most fiber optic illuminated borescope, fiberscope, and videoscope models.

New 360 degree orbital borescope
Lenox Instrument Company, the manufacturer of the original borescope, today, announced the offering of a new 360 degree orbital borescope that combines three viewing angles into one and an available 2X zoom eyepiece for magnified inspection.

FireSight High-Temperature Remote Viewing System
Lenox Instrument Company’s FireSight High-Temperature Remote Viewing System is the easiest and most economical means to speed light off and reduce NOx emissions by permitting color video monitoring of combustion and process control in boilers, furnaces, kilns and incinerators.

New Portable Videoscope
Lenox Instrument Company has introduced its new Portable Videoscope, a truly self-contained and portable inspection device for use in hard-to-reach locations. It is ideally suited to inspect for erosion, corrosion, weld quality, surface wear or security inspection.




FireSight High Temperature Camera Systems

Lenox high-temperature camera systems are performing reliably in hundreds of power, steel, paper, glass, and trash-to-steam installations. These systems are supported 24/7 and are backed by a two-year warranty.

FireSight Air Cooled Systems
FireSight systems provide the highest image clarity in the industry. The Light Volume Control feature, a Lenox exclusive, consists of a remote-controlled motorized iris and spot filter located in the furnace lens.

FireSight Water Cooled Systems
FireSight Water Cooled Systems use a water-jacketed furnace lens assembly in place of the air-cooled assembly and wall box, allowing operation in temperatures up to 3800°F.

Lenox/Pultz High-Temperature Video Camera Systems
Lenox Instrument Company's high-temperature video cameras are designed to be mounted directly through the wall of a furnace or other combustion chamber.

Furnace Cameras for Steel Mills
Lenox has supplied High Temperature Video products, which now includes the Pultz Systems, to the steel industry for over forty years. Our units have been used in the following applications:
Vacuum Degasser
Reheat Furnaces
Continuous Casters
Continuous Annealers
Ladle Metallurgy Facility

Boiler Camera for Power Generation
Lenox has been providing furnace lenses to the Power Generation field for over fifty years, beginning as an OEM supplier for various camera manufacturers.

Boiler Cameras for Paper Mills
The need for steam in a paper mill is a fact of life, and to maintain optimal combustion, regardless of the fuel, is a requirement from efficiency as well as an environmental standpoint. FireSight gets the job done whether it is a bark burner, black liquor boiler, or whatever your viewing requirements may be.

Furnace Camera and Tin Bath Cam for Glass
Lenox has the right products to satisfy the rigorous demands of this industry. Glass Furnaces can now be monitored continuously from the control room for under $10,000, about 1/3 the cost of a competing system.

Cement Kiln Camera
Lenox FireSight has long been used to observe the position of materials such as limestone being heated in rotary kilns. Here we offer either air or water-cooled units, which are mounted in the hood of the kiln.

Incinerator Camera
A variety of incinerators are used in different fields, and viewing the process with a Lenox FireSight permits each one to operate more efficiency in the following industries: Chemical and Hazardous Waste, Trash to Steam and Bio-Waste.

Brochures and Literature

FireSight High-Temperature Remote View Systems
The high-reliability system that permits color video monitoring of combustion and process control in boilers, furnaces, kilns and incinerators.

Manufacturing Briefs - Glass Industry
Lenox Instrument Company has developed an advanced solid-state color viewing video system that can operate in temperatures to 3500°F.

Lenox Insights - Power Generation
Boiler camera system reduces emission by as much as 20%.

Instrumentation - Power Generation
The Lenox FireSight monitoring system shows engineers exactly what happens after various fuels ignite inside turbine combustors.

Power Engineering - Field Notes
Illinois Power views combustion via a Lenox FireSight heat resistant TV system.

A tool for maintaining good combustion.

Color Tv gives a clearer picture from inside the kiln.

Glass Industries
Ceramic wedling used with high temperature CCTV in advanced repair technique for glass furnaces.

Tin Bath Periscope
A durable and rugged, high-temperature remote viewing video camera system designed specifically for the float glass process.

Firesight Line Card
Lenox Instrument Company high-temperature camera systems provide clear, crisp images of the combustion process in boilers, furnaces, kilns, incinerators and other combustion chambers.

Lenox - Pultz Cameras
The Lenox / Pultz family of high-temperature video camera systems are designed to be
mounted either directly through the wall or flush with the exterior wall of a furnace or
other combustion chamber.

Lenox - Pultz Glass Cameras
The Lenox / Pultz family of high-temperature video camera systems are designed to
be mounted directly through the wall of a glass furnace or flush with the exterior wall.

Lenox - FireSight Diagnostic Cart Brochure
Portable FireSight diagnostic cart systems for color video monitoring of combustion and process control in boilers, furnaces, kilns and incinerators.

Lenox - FireSight Brochure
FireSight high-temperature remote viewing systems for color video monitoring of combustion and process control in boilers, furnaces, kilns and incinerators.

New Swing Prism Adjustable Borescope
Lenox Instrument Company has introduced its new Swing Prism Adjustable Borescope, featuring a unique rotating lens that offers a 50-degree field of view that scans through a both a 120-degree included arc and a full 360-degree orbital scan.

Portable Scope Helps Diagnose Engine Problems without Disassembly
The portable Lenix Autoscope borescope weighs 1.5 lb and measures 15 in. long.

Furnace Cameras Assist in NOx Reduction
Furnace cameras are one tool Entergy is using in the fight to reduce emissions.

Sales Reps
Lenox Instrument Company has a vast network of sales agents to aid you in the selection of the product or products that will satisfy your application's requirements.

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