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Lenox Instrument Company has been serving our client for over 90 years
Lenox Borescope Products

Lenox Video Borescope System

Kit No. 10515K
A compact, easy-to-use color video borescope system
Reduces Eye Fatigue: Large, easy-to-see screen eliminates eye strain.
Group Viewing: Several can watch an inspection simultaneously.
High Resolution: State-of-the art technology delivers highest clarity
Flexibility: You can return to manual viewing in seconds
Affordable: Offers better performance than other systems
High-Performance ColorVideo Minicamera provides 450-line resolution and requires just 0.5 lux of light. Compact unit weights just 1.88 pounds.
13-Inch Color Monitor produces crisp, clear, high-resolution image.
AC Adapter plugs into any standard 120 volt outlet.
Camera Adapter attaches to the eyepiece of the borescope. Specify the borescope model to which you will be attaching the video system.
Fitted instrument case holds camera and adapters.
Versatile: The system can be attached to any rigid, sectional or flexible Lenox borescope (and to many non-Lenox borescopes). The Lenox Color Video Borescope Systems make it easy for several people to view an inspection.
Easy to Use: The system sets up in minutes, and the image on the monitor can be easily adjusted for maximum clarity. The system can be quickly detached from the borescope to return to manual viewing.
Documentation: By attaching a standard VCR or a video printer, you can make a permanent record of your inspections.
Kit No. 10515K - Lenox Color Video Borescope System
Be sure to specify the model borescope to which you will be attaching the system.














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