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Lenox Instrument Company has been serving our client for over 90 years
Firesight Products

Furnace Camera Systems For The Steel Industry

Real-Time, High-Resolution, Color Video Monitoring and Recording

Why Use Lenox Furnace Camera Systems?

Designed to be rugged and durable for the brutal atmosphere of the steel industry.
Proven reliable dual cooling system and the highest camera resolution with superior optics.
point Minimal maintenance and operating cost once correctly installed.
Backed by an industry leading two year warranty.
point Flexibility in choice of penetration lengths, viewing angles, water or low consumption air-cooling and a selection of portable water-cooled or air-cooled models.
point Lenox know how, expertise and installation/field service.

Lenox high-temperature Furnace Camera Systems provide remote, real-time, high resolution, color video monitoring and recording of material flow processes and are designed specifically to withstand the harsh operating conditions of the steel industry.

The Furnace Camera System consists of a 540 line, high resolution, color CCD camera and sophisticated light volume control, a Lenox exclusive that allows an operator to remotely adjust the amount of light transmitted to the camera eliminating the flaring / blooming common with other systems. Quartz optics, another Lenox exclusive, are used and can withstand temperatures up to 1200°F (649°C) higher than the glass lens used in other systems. In addition, a water cooled lens jacket and CCTV camerahousing provides cooling and protection for the Furnace Camera System and air purging of the lens systemto prevent fouling by deposition.

Lenox high-temperature Furnace Camera Systems can be used in applications up to 3500°F (1927°C) and are widely used in the steel industry in reheat furnaces, vacuum degassers, continuous casters, blast furnaces, electric arc furnaces, continuous annealers, galvannealers, tunnel furnaces and more.(Contact Lenox for information on our complete line of high temperature, camera systems for industrial remote viewing)

Furnace Camera System Specifications
Stock Number Furnace Lens Length Viewing Direction FOV
  mm inches    
6555FC-102 610 24" Direct 90º
6555FC-302 610 24" Direct 60º
6555FC-402 610 24" Right Angle 55º
6555FC-103 914 36" Direct 90º
6555FC-303 914 36" Direct 60º
6555FC-403 914 36" Right Angle 55º
Lengths up to 126 inches (320 cm) available
Contact Lenox for low consumption, air-cooled fixed systems and water-cooled or air-cooled portable systems

FireSight System Options & Accessories
Stock Number Description
6555A-EMS Monitoring Station – Provides for the connection of the required water, purge air and electrical interfaces.
24” square aluminum mounting panel
adjustable air pressure switch (2 – 30 psig)
adjustable water flow alarm switch (1–12 gpM)
air and water temperature indication with control
manifold blocks for purge air and water connections
10” x 12” NEMA 4 electrical junction box w/barrier strip
penetration for 3 conductor LVC cable
F31 3” 150 Flange Mount
6555A-206/24 Automatic 24” Retract System w/controls mounted on back
6555A-206/36 Automatic 36” Retract System w/controls mounted on back
516-0906 9” Color Monitor
516-1501 15” Color Monitor
516-1502 15” Color Flat LCD Monitor
516-2007  20” Color Flat LCD Monitor
515-0187  Digital Video Recorder
6515S-MP4  Digital Video Recorder / Player (hard drive)
6515S-501  High-resolution CCD Color Camera & Hardware

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